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Schrock Cabinets: Reviews, Prices and Buying Tips

Schrock Cabinets is a well-known brand in the world of cabinetry, offering a wide range of high-quality products for homeowners, interior designers, and contractors. The company was founded in 1961 by Paul Schrock in Arthur, Illinois. Over the years, Schrock Cabinets has grown into one of the most respected names in the industry, known for their commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative design.

History of Schrock Cabinets

The story of Schrock Cabinets begins with Paul Schrock, who started his own cabinet-making business out of his garage in Arthur, Illinois. His passion for woodworking and attention to detail quickly earned him a reputation for excellence in his community. In 1961, he officially founded Schrock Cabinets as a family-owned business with his wife and three sons.

From the beginning, Schrock Cabinets set itself apart from other cabinet makers by focusing on quality materials and expert craftsmanship. The company grew steadily over the next few decades, expanding its product line and distribution network to reach customers across the United States.

Today, Schrock Cabinets is part of MasterBrand Cabinets Inc., one of the largest cabinet manufacturers in North America. Despite its growth and success over the years, however, the company remains committed to its founding principles of quality and craftsmanship.

Schrock Cabinet Reviews: Quality and Durability

Schrock Cabinets has received a mix of positive and negative reviews from customers. While some are impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of these cabinets, others have reported issues with their durability and functionality.

Positive Reviews of Schrock Cabinets

Many customers have praised the overall look and feel of Schrock Cabinets. They appreciate the attention to detail in the design and construction, as well as the variety of styles and finishes available. Additionally, some customers have reported that their Schrock Cabinets have held up well over time, even with frequent use.

One feature that many customers seem to love is the soft-close mechanism on the cabinet doors and drawers. This helps prevent slamming and ensures a quiet closing action every time. Customers also appreciate the ample storage space provided by these cabinets, which allows them to keep their kitchens or bathrooms organized and clutter-free.

Negative Reviews of Schrock Cabinets

On the other hand, some customers have reported issues with their Schrock Cabinets. One common complaint is that they are not as durable as expected, with some cabinets developing cracks or chips after only a short period of use. Others have noted problems with the finish peeling or chipping away over time.

In addition, some customers have had difficulty with the functionality of these cabinets. For example, they may not close properly or may be difficult to adjust if they become misaligned. Some customers have also reported that certain features, such as pull-out shelves or lazy Susans, do not work as smoothly as they should.

Schrock Cabinet Product Lines

Schrock offers several product lines to suit different budgets and design tastes. Their good, better, best model provides options at various price points.

Select Series

The Select Series is Schrock’s value-priced cabinet line. Options include maple, oak and thermofoil finishes. While more affordable, Select cabinets still feature quality construction with plywood boxes, adjustable shelves and soft-close drawers.

Expressions Series

This line provides Schrock’s most extensive color options with plain, glazed and wire brush painted finishes. Expressions offers styling flexibility with recessed panel and shaker-style designs. It falls in the middle price range.

Heritage Series

For a premium product, the Heritage Series features solid hardwood doors and drawer fronts. Options include stain colors and distressing techniques for an antique-style finish. Dovetail drawer boxes add strength.

Estate Series

Estate is Schrock’s highest quality line with veneered panels and end cabinets. Unique finishes include crackled paint techniques. Soft-close hinges and full extension drawers provide smooth operation.

Bellante Series

With a modern, streamlined look, the Bellante line features sleek slab-style thermofoil doors in grey tones and woodgrain patterns. The edgy styling options work well for contemporary spaces.

No matter your budget or design preferences, Schrock cabinets have a product line to match. Consult your kitchen designer or visit a showroom to view samples and test out cabinet operation.

Schrock Cabinet Door Styles

The type of cabinet door style you select impacts the overall look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom. Schrock provides a diverse door style selection so you can find the perfect match for your interior design vision.

Slab Cabinet Doors

With a simple, integrated panel design, slab cabinet doors offer a minimalist, contemporary look. Schrock’s slab-style Bellante line comes in edgy grey hues and modern woodgrains.

Shaker Cabinet Doors

Defined by their clean, straight lines and flat recessed center panel, Shaker doors have a versatile farmhouse-inspired style. Schrock’s Expression line includes painted and stained Shaker options.

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

For a more traditional appearance, raised panel doors feature a prominent, built-up center panel that sits higher than the frame. Schrock’s Heritage line includes intricate raised panel designs.

Distressed Cabinet Doors

Schrock’s Heritage series offers cabinet doors with intentional wearing, including worm holes, cracks, dents and distressing. The antique finish provides rustic cottage charm.

Glass Cabinet Doors

Adding glass-front cabinet doors opens up a kitchen visually and creates an airy feel. Schrock offers leaded and clear glass inserts as well as glass doors with Mullion frames.

Don’t limit yourself to just one door style! Mixing cabinet door designs creates contrast and visual interest in a kitchen or bath. For example, pair glass upper cabinets with solid Shaker bases. Consulting a kitchen designer can help narrow choices.

Materials and Craftsmanship of Schrock Cabinets

Schrock Cabinets are known for their high-quality materials and craftsmanship. The company uses only the finest materials to create their cabinets, ensuring that they are durable, long-lasting, and beautiful.

Materials Used in Schrock Cabinets

One of the primary materials used in Schrock Cabinets is solid wood. This material is known for its strength and durability, making it an excellent choice for cabinetry. Schrock Cabinets also uses engineered wood products, such as plywood and medium-density fiberboard (MDF), which offer additional strength and stability.

In addition to wood products, Schrock Cabinets also incorporates other materials into their designs, such as glass, metal, and decorative accents. These materials add visual interest to the cabinets while maintaining their durability.

Craftsmanship of Schrock Cabinets

Schrock Cabinets are crafted with precision and care by skilled artisans who take pride in their work. The manufacturing process involves several steps to ensure that each cabinet is made to exacting standards.

First, the wood is carefully selected for quality and consistency. Then it is cut and shaped using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precision measurements. The pieces are then assembled using advanced techniques that ensure a tight fit without gaps or warping.

Finally, each cabinet undergoes a rigorous quality control process to ensure that it meets Schrock’s high standards for durability and beauty. This attention to detail ensures that every cabinet will last for years to come.

Schrock Cabinet Painted Finishes

Pre-finished painted cabinetry offers a fresh, contemporary look that suits a variety of home design styles. Schrock provides extensive painted color choices through their Expressions line.


Crisp white painted cabinets feel fresh and airy. The versatile neutrals allow you to easily update accent colors. Choose an antique white for a subtle cream hue.


On-trend greys ranging from charcoal to pewter give cabinets modern flair. Contrast white countertops with darker grey cabinets for dimension.


Make a dramatic style statement with sophisticated black cabinets. The deep hue acts as a neutral backdrop that pops with metallics and marble.


Dark and moody navy painted cabinets create an upscale look, echoing the appeal of marine blues found outdoors. Pair with brass accents for a nautical vibe.

Green and Blue

Infuse color into your kitchen with Schrock’s painted shades of sage, teal and cobalt blue. Bright hues work best for accents like islands paired with neutral perimeter cabinetry.

Painted cabinets require minimal maintenance beyond quick wipedowns. Add interest by pairing bold and neutral hues or go monochromatic for a cohesive look.

Schrock Cabinet Stained Finishes

Wood stains allow the natural beauty of cabinet materials to shine through. Schrock offers a spectrum of stain colors from airy whitewashed looks to deep espresso hues.


A whitewashed finish has subtle white paint brushed across wood, letting the grain pattern show through. The resulting vintage, weathered look works for cottage styles.

Honey and Wheat

Warm golden finishes in tan, blonde and light brown hues emulate natural maple and oak woodgrains. The light neutrals pair well with white kitchens.

Coffee and Mocha

Deep brown stains like mocha and coffee bean mimic luxury dark woods. Contrast them with bright marble and quartz countertops for rich contrast.

Grey Wash

On-trend grey washing produces a worn, coastal-inspired finish. Light grey staining lets the natural wood variations peek through.

Black Stain

For dramatic contrast, an ebony or black stained finish looks luxe and contemporary. It spotlights white, silver and gold accents.

Stains allow you to personalize cabinets to match your preferred color palette. Combine stained bases with painted uppers for a cohesive two-tone look.

Schrock Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is the jewelry of your kitchen design. Schrock offers coordinating knobs, pulls, hinges and accessories to complete the look of your cabinets.


Typically round, knobs are a simple hardware option installed right on the cabinet door or drawer front. Choose knobs in polished metals, glass, porcelain or sculpted shapes.


Pulls have a longer shape mounted horizontally to make opening cabinets easier. Styles range from sleek rectilinear stainless pulls to curved wrought iron.

Slab Door Handles

Streamlined bar handles are made for clean-lined slab cabinet doors. Horizontal positioning aligns with the cabinet silhouette for a minimalist, integrated look.


While hidden hinges keep lines clean, try decorative hinges and hinge covers to elevate your style. Ornate hardware creates visual interest when cabinets are open.


For glass-front cabinets and open shelving, L-brackets, scalloped brackets and corbels provide decorative support. Match metal finishes for consistency.

Mixing metal finishes like unlacquered brass and matte black iron creates depth and interest. Don’t forget the cabinet interiors! Add drawer organizers, trays and racks to maximize usefulness.

Schrock Cabinet Pricing

Since Schrock offers good, better and best product lines, their cabinet prices span a wide range. Exact costs vary by location, but here are some general Schrock cabinet price ranges:

  • Schrock Select Series: $80 – $200 per linear foot
  • Schrock Expressions Series: $200 – $350 per linear foot
  • Schrock Heritage Series: $350 – $550 per linear foot
  • Schrock Estate Series: $550 – $800+ per linear foot

Factors that impact total price include:

  • Door style and wood species
  • Amount of cabinets needed for the space
  • Accessories like glass inserts, shelves and drawers
  • Complexity of installation
  • Sales, specials and coupons
  • Location and kitchen design costs

For a 10’x10′ kitchen with custom Schrock cabinets, expect to invest $8,000 to $20,000+ for cabinetry. Securing quotes from several vendors allows you to price compare and find the best value.

Comparison of Schrock Cabinet Prices to Other Brands

When it comes to cabinetry, there are a variety of brands on the market that offer different levels of quality and pricing. Schrock Cabinets fall into the mid-to-high range when it comes to pricing, with their cabinets typically costing more than lower-end options like IKEA or Home Depot’s in-house brand, but less than high-end custom cabinetry brands like Wood-Mode or Poggenpohl.

While Schrock Cabinets may not be the most affordable option on the market, they are known for offering good value for their price point. Customers often cite the durability and longevity of their Schrock Cabinets as a reason why they were willing to invest in a higher-priced option.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Schrock Cabinets

There are several factors that can impact the cost of Schrock Cabinets. One major factor is the type of wood used for construction. Schrock offers cabinets made from a variety of woods, including cherry, maple, oak, and birch. Cherry is typically one of the most expensive options due to its rich color and grain pattern.

Another factor that can impact cost is whether or not you choose customizations or add-ons for your cabinets. For example, adding soft-close hinges or pull-out drawers can increase the overall cost of your cabinets.

Finally, installation costs can also affect the total price tag for your project. While some homeowners may choose to install their own cabinets to save money on labor costs, others may prefer to hire a professional contractor to ensure proper installation.

Overall, while Schrock Cabinets may not be the most budget-friendly option on the market, they offer good value for their price point thanks to their durable materials and craftsmanship. By taking into account factors like wood type and customizations when selecting your cabinets and working with a reputable installer if needed, you can ensure that you get high-quality cabinetry at a fair price.

Tips for Buying Schrock Cabinets

Follow these tips to select the ideal Schrock cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom remodel:

Choose a Style

Browse Schrock design catalogs and websites to choose a door style aligned with your interior design vision. Weigh visual appeal along with functionality.

View Samples In Person

Don’t rely on website images alone. Visit a kitchen showroom to see Schrock cabinet door samples, wood finishes and colors first-hand. Opening drawers and doors lets you assess quality.

Measure Carefully

Provide the designer exact room dimensions to receive an accurate cabinetry quote. Include windows, doors and appliance sizes that impact the layout.

Pick Durable Finishes

Consider your lifestyle when choosing finishes. Busy households with kids may prefer resilient thermofoil or painted cabinetry rather than delicate stains.

Mix Materials

Combine painted and stained finishes in one kitchen for defined work zones. Or opt for expensive woods only for accent areas like an island to save money.

Incorporate Storage

Add pull-out shelves, spice racks, tray dividers, lazy susans and other storage solutions to keep kitchens and baths organized.

Light Properly

Illumination showcases cabinetry details. Incorporate lighting in cabinets, under cabinets and above to highlight their best features.

Order Samples

Order free wood, paint and hardware samples from Schrock to see options in your actual kitchen space before purchasing. samples ensure everything coordinates.

By carefully selecting cabinet materials, customizing storage, and incorporating lighting, you can get the most out of your Schrock cabinetry investment. Proper planning helps keep your project on time and on budget.

Where to Buy Schrock Cabinets

Schrock only sells its cabinetry through exclusive kitchen and bath dealers. You can browse cabinet styles online but must visit a dealer showroom to view samples and get project quotes.

Find Authorized Schrock dealers through:

  • Schrock’s dealer locator map – conveniently pinpoints dealers near your zip code.
  • Kitchen remodeling shows – national home shows have vendors from your region.
  • Online dealer networks – sites like Houzz and Remodelista connect you with local designers.
  • Home builders – ask your contractor if they work with Schrock dealers.
  • Kitchen designers – interior designers partner with cabinet companies and showrooms.
  • Home Improvement stores – while big box stores don’t sell Schrock, their kitchen designers can recommend local dealers to contact.

Narrow your list down to 2-3 dealers to meet with. Discuss your project vision, budget and timeline. Request free in-home estimates before making your Schrock cabinet purchase. Finding an experienced dealer streamlines the design and installation process.

Schrock Cabinet Review Conclusion

When it comes to kitchen and bath cabinets, Schrock offers quality craftsmanship, attractive styling and durable finishes at reasonable prices. Their wide spectrum of products ensures homeowners can find the perfect style and price point to bring their design vision to life.

Focusing on construction, customization andattention to aesthetic detail results in beautiful cabinetry that stands the test of time. Schrock’s warrantied products deliver functionality and lasting good looks.

By carefully selecting finishes aligned with your home style, creating a layout optimized for your needs, and taking advantage of Schrock’s organizational accessories, you can create a kitchen or bath space you’ll enjoy for decades to come.

Discuss your project with knowledgeable Schrock dealers to request quotes and view beautiful cabinet displays in person. Their expertise guides you through all the product options to create your ideal new space, all while fitting your remodeling budget.

Investing in Schrock cabinets brings quality, beauty and convenience to the rooms homeowners use the most. Let Schrock’s 60+ years of cabinetry experience elevate the heart of your home with cabinets that truly stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Schrock Cabinets:

What types of cabinets does Schrock offer?

Schrock offers a wide variety of cabinet styles and finishes including traditional, contemporary, transitional, and modern designs. They have framed and frameless cabinet construction in various wood species and thermofoil options.

Where are Schrock cabinets manufactured?

Schrock cabinets are manufactured in the United States with production facilities located in Indiana and North Carolina.

What materials are Schrock cabinets made from?

Schrock uses top quality materials in their cabinet construction including solid hardwood, plywood, and thermofoil. Their cabinet boxes feature furniture-grade plywood sides, backs, tops, and bottoms.

How is the quality of Schrock cabinets?

Schrock is known for making high-quality, durable cabinets. Their cabinets are carefully crafted and undergo thorough testing to ensure long-lasting performance.

Do Schrock cabinets come assembled?

Schrock cabinets are delivered partially assembled. The cabinet boxes will be built but doors, drawers, and hardware will be separate to avoid damage during shipping. Installation is simple.

What types of storage solutions do they offer?

Schrock has a variety of storage solutions including deep roll-out trays, spice pull outs, wastebasket cabinets, lazy susans, and more to maximize your kitchen’s storage capacity.

Do they have eco-friendly cabinet options?

Yes, Schrock’s Envue line features low-VOC finishes and wood certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. They also have recycled glass countertops.

Where can I buy Schrock cabinets?

Schrock cabinets are sold through kitchen and bath showrooms as well as select home improvement stores. You can find local Schrock dealers on their website.

Does Schrock offer a warranty?

Schrock provides a limited lifetime warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty is transferable to subsequent homeowners.

How much do Schrock cabinets cost?

Schrock cabinet pricing depends on style, construction, and features. They offer excellent value with mid to upper price points. Expect to pay $100-300 per linear foot installed.

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