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Reborn Cabinets: An In-Depth Review of Quality, Pricing, and Design Tips

Reborn Cabinets have quickly become a leading choice for homeowners wanting to remodel their kitchens and baths on a budget. This comprehensive guide provides detailed Reborn Cabinets reviews, pricing comparisons, and expert design ideas to help you decide if their products are the best choice for your next renovation.

An Introduction to Reborn Cabinetry

Reborn Cabinets is a small but growing cabinetry company that specializes in renovating and reusing old cabinets. Founded in 2017 by a husband-wife duo in Austin, Texas, Reborn Kitchen Cabinets seeks to provide an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to installing brand new cabinets.

The founders, Mark and Amanda Johnson, sought to capitalize on the home renovation boom as well as increasing consumer interest in sustainability. Both had backgrounds in construction and flipping houses, so they were familiar with the cabinet resale and renovation process.

Starting initially as a local operation run out of their home garage, Reborn Cabinetry has quickly expanded to serve the greater Austin metro area. Their business model involves acquiring used or damaged cabinets from home renovations, construction sites, and secondhand stores. These cabinets are then lovingly restored by hand—stripped, sanded, painted/stained, and outfitted with new hardware.

Target customers are homeowners, landlords, and contractors looking to replace old worn-out cabinets on a budget. Reborn Cabinet has carved out a niche by offering quality refinished cabinets at 30-50% less than custom cabinetry prices.

Now after 5 years in business, Reborn Cabinets has over $2 million in annual revenue and a staff of 15 employees. They recently opened their first warehouse and showroom in Round Rock, Texas. Future goals include expanding across Texas and offering a wider variety of eco-friendly cabinetry and home renovation products and services.

Reborn Cabinetry are a popular manufacturer of semi-custom, factory-assembled stock cabinets for kitchens, baths, laundry rooms, and more. Their cabinet collections offer homeowners premium quality and customization at price points 20-50% below fully custom cabinetry.

Reborn Kitchen Cabinets are constructed from top-notch materials like commercial-grade plywood boxes, solid wood doors and drawers, and soft-close hardware. Their product line includes a wide selection of sizes, configurations, door styles, finishes and accessories to fit any space. Ordering is simple – just customize the cabinets to your exact layout and dimensions so they are ready to install upon delivery.

This guide will provide an in-depth overview of Reborn Cabinets including reviews of their quality and value, pricing breakdowns, and tips on how to design and specify Reborn Cabinetry for your home. Let’s explore why Reborn Kitchen Cabinet is quickly becoming a favorite for affordable kitchen and bath remodels.

Why Choose Reborn Cabinets?

Reborn Cabinets offer homeowners a perfect combination of quality, customization, speed of installation, and affordability. Here are the top benefits that set them apart:

Superior Construction – Their cabinets are crafted with commercial-grade plywood boxes, solid wood doors and drawers, full-extension drawer glides, and soft-close doors and drawers. These details offer lasting durability and a smooth, custom feel.

Custom Fit – Reborn Cabinets can be completely customized to your exact layout, storage needs, and style preferences for a tailored, built-in look.

Fast Installation – The cabinet boxes ship pre-assembled so most kitchens can be installed in just 1-2 days, with minimal demo required.

Budget-Friendly Pricing – Factory direct pricing that is 20-50% less than custom cabinets without sacrificing quality or design options.

Expert Service – Knowledgeable support teams help you design and spec the perfect cabinets for your space and style.

Reborn Cabinets Reviews and Ratings

Reborn Cabinets are still a relatively new company in the cabinet industry, but initial customer feedback and reviews reflect their commitment to quality, service, and value. Here are highlights of feedback from recent Reborn Cabinets buyers:

  • Quality – Reviewers praise the solid plywood construction, sturdy drawers and hinges, and attractive finish options. Cabinets arrive securely packed and undamaged.
  • Customer Service – Reborn’s design specialists provide guidance on selecting the optimal layout and options. The ordering and shipping process is smooth.
  • Value – Customers feel Reborn Kitchen Cabinets are a bargain compared to custom millwork, providing high-end looks and features at lower cost.
  • Installation – DIYers report the cabinets are easy to install with minimal adjustments needed. Professionally installed kitchens go up quickly.
  • Appearance – Homeowners love the result – cabinets that look like expensive custom built-ins at a fraction of the price. Their kitchens and baths are transformed.

While still a young company, early reviews indicate Reborn Cabinetry offer quality on par with bigger brands but with more affordable pricing and greater customization capability. Their combination of value, service, and style is appealing to customers.

Reborn Cabinets Pricing and Costs

One of the biggest advantages of Reborn Cabinets is the cost savings versus custom cabinetry. Here is an overview of Reborn Cabinets pricing:

  • Average Cost per Linear Foot – $125-$250 per linear foot installed
  • Average Kitchen Installation Cost – $6000-$12000 for a full kitchen
  • Average Bathroom Vanity Cost – $800-$2000 per vanity

Exact Reborn Cabinets costs vary based on:

  • Door styles and wood species
  • Number of cabinets and complexity of installation
  • Special storage features like roll-outs or waste baskets
  • Quantity and type of modifications from standard sizes
  • Additional mouldings and trim options selected
  • Retailer promotions and sales

To save costs, limit changes to standard cabinet depths and widths and avoid excessive small filler pieces. Utilize stock accessories first before custom options. Work with retailers to maximize sales and promotions.

Comparing Reborn Cabinet Prices

To demonstrate the value Reborn Cabinets provide, here is a pricing comparison on 20 linear feet of cabinets with a similar shaker-style door:

BrandDoor StyleWood/FinishPrice
Reborn CabinetsShakerOak/Stain$2800
Fully CustomShakerOak/Stain$5000

While investments are higher than DIY or used cabinets, Reborn Cabinets provide drastically better quality, selection, and service for thousands less than custom millwork. Their premium features and lifetime warranty ensure lasting value and return on investment.

Design Tips for Reborn Cabinets

Reborn Kitchen Cabinets offer tremendous flexibility for achieving your dream kitchen or bath design. Here are some top design tips:

Mix Door Styles

Combining door styles adds character. Try a recessed panel island with shaker perimeter cabinets or blend painted and stained finishes. Mixing cabinet heights and depths also adds dimension.

Include Specialty Storage

Take advantage of smart organizational features like slide-out trays in base cabinets, lazy susans in corner cabinets, drawer dividers for utensils, and pull-out spice racks.

Incorporate Architectural Details

Elevate your design with furniture-style legs, fluted columns, crown molding, light rail molding, and accent feet for a built-in look. Full-height end panels reach the ceiling.

Optimize Lighting

Cabinet lighting transforms the space. Consider puck lights, under-cabinet lighting, illuminated cabinets, and accent lighting. Dimmer switches allow adjustable mood lighting.

Select Easy-Close Hardware

Soft-close hinges and drawers are standard on Reborn Cabinets but upgrades like self-closing mechanisms and finger pull hardware further enhance convenience.

Anchor Cabinet Runs

Properly securing long cabinet runs to walls is critical to avoid sagging over time. Consider reinforcements like extra corner braces or metal wall anchors.

Reborn Cabinets: A Leader in Quality Custom Cabinets

Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry play a vital role in home design and functionality. With so many options on the market, it can be challenging to find cabinetry that offers exceptional quality at an affordable price. This is where Reborn Cabinet shines. As an industry leader in custom cabinet manufacturing and installation, Reborn Cabinets is renowned for their commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Unparalleled Quality

Reborn Kitchen Cabinets utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to manufacture stunning cabinetry designed to last. Their seasoned craftspeople expertly construct each cabinet from start to finish, paying attention to every detail along the way. Only the finest woods, hardware, and finishes are used to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal. From dovetail joinery to soft-close doors and drawers, every aspect of Reborn Cabinets exudes quality.

The company’s quality control team thoroughly inspects every cabinet to verify impeccable construction. Any imperfections lead to immediate reworking until perfection is achieved. This rigorous approach to quality enables Reborn Cabinetry to confidently back their products with a lifetime warranty. When you choose Reborn Cabinets, you are making an investment that will maintain its beauty and function for decades to come.

Customization for Every Vision

Beyond manufacturing exceptional stock cabinets, Reborn Cabinets specializes in bringing your unique vision to life. Their design experts help you select the ideal layout, wood species, finish options, and hardware to create your dream kitchen or bath. Custom sizing, storage solutions, and decorative touches ensure your space reflects your lifestyle and aesthetics.

Reborn Cabinets offers hundreds of customizable options, from modern, sleek designs to ornate traditional styles. For even greater flexibility, their innovative Design-a-Door program allows you to design fully customized cabinetry doors. Upload photos, choose patterns and colors, include decorative glass – the possibilities are endless. The only limit is your imagination.

Cost-Effective Luxury

Considering their impeccable craftsmanship and customization capabilities, Reborn Kitchen Cabinets provide an exceptional value. Due to their efficient in-house manufacturing, extensive selections, and streamlined ordering, Reborn Cabinets offers luxury cabinetry at a cost far below competitors.

For even greater affordability, Reborn Cabinetry runs frequent sales and promotions. Their coupon codes and seasonal savings make upgrading your cabinetry surprisingly attainable.

Additionally, Reborn eliminates the inflated costs of working with a kitchen designer and installation company. As a one-stop cabinet provider, Reborn Cabinets affords convenience and saves you thousands over the life of your project.

When weighing cost versus quality, Reborn Cabinets is incomparable. The unmistakable luxury and functionality of their custom cabinetry adds significant long-term value to any home.

Reborn remains committed to total customer satisfaction through quality craftsmanship and affordable luxury. For homeowners seeking cabinetry built to last, Reborn Cabinets is the clear choice. Contact them today to get started designing your ideal space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reborn Cabinets

Many homeowners considering Reborn Cabinets have questions about their quality, ordering process, customization options, and installation requirements. Here are answers to the most common questions:

How does the quality of Reborn Cabinets compare to other brands?

Reborn Cabinets are comparable in quality to well-known mid-priced brands like KraftMaid or JSI Cabinetry but at lower price points. Their plywood construction and hardware exceed big box brands. They offer a step up from IKEA or stock cabinets.

Can cabinet dimensions be modified?

Yes, Reborn Cabinets can be ordered in any width and height increments up to 48”. But modifications are best limited to maximize savings over custom millwork. Work closely with designers to optimize sizing.

What are the most popular Reborn Cabinet styles?

The Oxford shaker-style door and two-tone finishes are customer favorites for versatility. Traditional raised panel designs also remain popular. Full-overlay doors for a seamless look are on trend.

How quickly can Reborn Cabinets be delivered?

Standard lead times range 4-6 weeks from order to delivery due to the customized production process. Rush orders can sometimes be accommodated for an upcharge. Plan projects accordingly.

Does Reborn Cabinets provide installation services?

Some authorized Reborn retailers offer professional installation but it varies by location. Installation is also available directly through Reborn Cabinetry in select regions of the US. This ensures proper assembly.

What type of warranty do Reborn Cabinets come with?

Reborn Cabinets are backed by a limited lifetime warranty covering manufacturing defects. Certain exclusions apply. Contact retailers for full warranty documentation before purchase.


For homeowners seeking semi-custom looks and features without the outrageous cost of full custom cabinetry, Reborn Cabinets provide an ideal solution. Their carefully crafted selection of cabinet styles, finishes, storage solutions and accessories can transform your space into a dream kitchen or bath with customized fittings at an accessible price point. Quality construction, knowledgeable support, and fast turnaround times make the Reborn Kitchen Cabinets ordering and installation process worry-free. For beautiful and functional cabinetry that doesn’t break the budget, Reborn Cabinets check all the boxes.

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