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KraftMaid Cabinets Reviews: Pricing, Quality & Buying Tips

KraftMaid is one of the most popular cabinet brands in the US. Known for their quality craftsmanship and wide range of styles, KraftMaid cabinets are a great option for many homeowners. But how much do KraftMaid cabinets cost? And are they worth the investment?

This detailed guide provides an in-depth review of KraftMaid cabinets, including pricing, quality, pros and cons, and tips for buying. Read on for everything you need to know before purchasing KraftMaid kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

An Overview of KraftMaid Cabinetry

KraftMaid is a leading manufacturer of kitchen, bathroom, and other cabinetry for residential and commercial use. The company was founded in 1969 in Middlefield, Ohio and is now headquartered in Hartville, Ohio.

Some key facts about KraftMaid:

  • Part of the Fortune Brands Home & Security company, which also owns brands like Moen and Master Lock.
  • Offers a wide range of cabinet door styles, finishes, storage solutions and accessories.
  • Cabinets are available assembled or ready-to-assemble.
  • Products are sold through kitchen and bath dealers, home centers and online retailers.
  • KraftMaid has received certifications from the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) for meeting quality standards.
  • Most KraftMaid cabinets feature solid hardwood doors and frames along with plywood side panels and bottoms. This quality construction makes them durable and long-lasting.
  • Wide range of price points from budget-friendly options to high-end designer series.

What Makes KraftMaid Cabinets Stand Out?

There are several key reasons why KraftMaid is one of the most popular cabinet brands:

Quality Materials and Construction

KraftMaid uses quality materials like solid hardwood and plywood in their cabinet boxes, drawers, and doors. This makes them sturdy and durable, even under heavy usage in a busy kitchen. The dovetail drawer boxes are specially designed for smooth sliding and staying in place.

Wide Range of Styles

With over 100 door styles and finishes, KraftMaid offers a huge variety of design options. From traditional raised panel doors to modern slab styles and exotic veneers, you can find the perfect look for your space. Matching trim and accessories allow for a cohesive style.

Convenient Storage Solutions

KraftMaid has cleverly designed storage fittings like pull-out spice racks, tray dividers, and cutlery organizers. Their Pantry SuperSlide lets you access items right at the back. These thoughtful features make kitchen tasks easier.

Customization Options

While KraftMaid offers many ready-made options, you can also customize cabinets by selecting door styles, finishes, sizes, and layouts. This allows you to tailor the cabinets to fit your space perfectly.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

KraftMaid offers an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty on all cabinetry. This covers defects in materials and workmanship. So you can purchase with confidence.

Factors That Determine KraftMaid Cabinet Pricing

KraftMaid cabinets range widely in price. Basic models cost between $100 – $300 per linear foot installed. More luxurious styles can cost $500 – $1000+ per linear foot installed. What makes the pricing vary so much? Here are the main factors:

Type of Cabinet

Stock, semi-custom, and full custom cabinets have different price tags. Stock options with set sizes and configurations are the most budget-friendly. Full custom designs with unique sizes, features and finishes are premium-priced.

Door Style

Simple slab cabinet doors are the least expensive. Elaborate raised panel or recessed panel styles cost more. Opt for a lighter finish like natural maple rather than darker stains or paints to save money.

Material and Finish

Entry-level KraftMaid lines like Traditions use engineered wood products and thermally fused laminates. While high-end Vantage features solid hardwood, exotic veneers and hand-distressed finishes for luxury looks. Choose materials purposefully.

Added Features and Accessories

Specialty storage fittings, divider systems, glass cabinet doors, and extras like crown molding or decorative corbels increase the total project cost. But can be worthwhile additions.

Market Prices

Based on supplier location and inventory, pricing can be different. Retailers might also charge varying overhead and installation costs. Shop around for the best deals.

KraftMaid Cabinet Lines and Pricing

To give you a better idea, here is an overview of the different KraftMaid cabinet lines and general price ranges:


  • Traditions ($100 – $175 per linear foot) – Panel doors on engineered wood.
  • Heritage ($125 – $250) – Solid maple doors and plywood boxes.


  • Briarwood ($250 – $350) – Stylish recessed panel doors. Maple veneers and plywood construction.
  • Carriage House ($300 – $400) – Classic raised panel and arched doors. Solid birch face frames.


  • Artisan ($400 – $550) – Dovetail drawers and full-extension glide hardware. Beaded inset cabinet doors.
  • Vantage ($500 – $800) – Hand-finished veneer and hardwood doors. Soft-close hinges and slides. Choices of wood species.
  • Designer Series ($600 – $1000+) – Luxurious styles with hand-rubbed finishes. Features like glass doors, curved designs and upgraded storage fittings.

As you move from entry-level to premium lines, you get more customization options, sturdier construction, and high-end details. Evaluate your budget, needs and style preferences to choose the ideal product.

KraftMaid vs. Other Cabinet Brands

How does KraftMaid compare to other top cabinet brands?

  • vs. Hampton Bay – Better quality and construction, but higher price
  • vs. Wellborn – Nearly equal in quality/warranties, but lower cost
  • vs. Diamond – Similar quality and pricing with less style options
  • vs. Aristokraft – Comparable construction with fewer customizations
  • vs. Shenandoah – Matching quality but more expensive

While not the cheapest, KraftMaid delivers better value than competitors. Their expansive selection and quality meet most homeowners’ needs.

KraftMaid Cabinets Reviews

With KraftMaid being one of the most popular cabinet brands on the market, there are many online kraftmaid cabinets reviews available to evaluate their products and service. Here is an overview of what homeowners have to say based on kraftmaid cabinets reviews:

The most common compliment in kraftmaid cabinets reviews is the wide range of styles and finishes available. Reviewers love being able to find cabinets to match their exact design vision, from modern to farmhouse to traditional aesthetics.

Many kraftmaid cabinets reviews praise the quality and durability of KraftMaid’s cabinet construction. Key details like solid wood doors, dovetail drawers, soft-close hinges and integrated cabinet boxes get positive marks from reviewers who say their cabinets still look great years later.

A number of kraftmaid cabinets reviews mention receiving excellent pricing and service through local KraftMaid dealers. They appreciated being able to get quotes customized to their kitchen specs and even have dealers price match competitors. This level of service is harder to find at big box stores.

In terms of critical feedback, some kraftmaid cabinets reviews report issues with quality consistency between KraftMaid lines. Lower price point cabinets sometimes have more quality problems versus premium collections. There are also lead time complaints, with 12+ week waits for custom orders being too long for some homeowners.

A few kraftmaid cabinets reviews say KraftMaid’s warranties aren’t always honored by local dealers, leaving customers to deal with repair costs on their own. And resale value is not as high as expected due to KraftMaid being a mass-produced brand.

But overall, the vast majority of kraftmaid cabinets reviews rate their cabinetry very favorably thanks to great style selection, quality construction, and helpful local dealers. They provide a very good value relative to competitors, making them a trusted brand for most homeowners.

Pros and Cons of Choosing KraftMaid Cabinets

KraftMaid is among the bestselling cabinet brands for many good reasons. But there are also some downsides to consider before making your decision:


  • Wide range of styles to suit any home design aesthetic. Traditional, contemporary or anything in between.
  • Excellent quality and durability thanks to solid wood doors, sturdy plywood construction and full extension drawers.
  • Great storage solutions like pull-outs, organizers and roll-outs optimize your space functionality.
  • Easy customization with design experts who can tailor cabinets to your needs.
  • Limited lifetime warranty provides long-term peace of mind after purchase.
  • Excellent resale value as KraftMaid is a reputable brand that buyers recognize.


  • Higher prices than entry-level cabinet brands, especially for premium collections.
  • Limited size options in stock cabinets. Fully custom designs are costly.
  • Long lead times for production and delivery, can take 8-12 weeks.
  • No one-day shipping – products only available through dealers.
  • Difficult self-installation recommended to hire a kitchen professional.

While the higher cost can deter some buyers, keep in mind that KraftMaid cabinets will last for decades with proper care. The pros generally outweigh the cons for most homeowners planning a kitchen or bath remodel.

Tips for Buying KraftMaid Cabinets

Follow this advice to make sure you choose the perfect KraftMaid cabinets and get the lowest prices:

Pick an authorized dealer – KraftMaid cabinets are sold exclusively through kitchen and bath showrooms and authorized dealers. An experienced dealer can guide you through selection and ordering correctly.

Plan carefully – Measure your space and create a floorplan for optimal cabinet configuration. Know your needs like drawer size and placement. Preparation ensures you don’t miss anything.

Combine stock and custom – Use standard cabinet sizes where possible, customizing only where essential. This saves on design and production costs. An expert dealer helps strategize the best combo.

Compare prices – Look at 2-3 authorized dealers in your area for the most competitive quotes. Be sure to compare the exact same cabinet specifications.

Ask about sales and deals – Dealers occasionally offer discounts or free upgrades on cabinetry packages. Inquire about any current promotions that could save you money.

Consider your total budget – Cabinet costs are only one part of an overall kitchen or bath remodel budget. Factor in the expenses for countertops, appliances, lighting, flooring and labor.

Choosing quality KraftMaid cabinets adds value and functional storage to any home renovation. With smart planning and savvy buying tips, you can get the ideal KraftMaid kitchen within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about KraftMaid cabinets:

Are KraftMaid cabinets worth the higher cost compared to other brands?

KraftMaid cabinets are generally 20-50% more expensive than basic brands like Hampton Bay. But they are worth it for their quality, durability, storage solutions and style options which are far superior. The lifetime warranty also offers peace of mind on the investment.

How long do KraftMaid cabinets last?

With proper care and maintenance, KraftMaid cabinets typically last 25-30 years or more. The solid wood doors and plywood box construction make them long-wearing. Their quality and timeless style lets them retain appeal.

Does KraftMaid sell cabinets ready-to-assemble?

Yes, KraftMaid offers an RTA line called Cabineo. These cabinets come with pre-assembled face frames and hardware. The cabinet boxes with doors, sides, tops and bottoms simply click together on-site like IKEA furniture. RTA provides big savings on shipping costs.

What warranty do KraftMaid cabinets come with?

KraftMaid provides a limited lifetime warranty to the original homeowner. This covers defects in materials and workmanship. However the warranty terms require proper installation and care, or it becomes void.

Does KraftMaid offer financing options?

KraftMaid does not offer direct financing. But many third-party lenders like Synchrony Bank partner with KraftMaid dealers to offer financing plans to customers, making luxury kitchen renovations more affordable through monthly payments.

Can I order KraftMaid cabinets online?

No, KraftMaid cabinets are not available for direct online purchase. They must be purchased through an authorized dealer’s kitchen and bath showroom or through a home improvement retailer. This ensures you get the knowledgeable support required to choose and install cabinets properly.

With their quality craftsmanship, durability and storage functionality, KraftMaid cabinets offer great value for your kitchen or bathroom remodel investment.


KraftMaid has earned its reputation as a trusted manufacturer of attractive, well-built kitchen and bathroom cabinets. By following the buying tips and advice outlined here, you can invest in luxury KraftMaid style and quality while still finding smart ways to save on cost.

Taking the time to carefully select cabinet door styles, finishes and layout will ensure your KraftMaid cabinetry suits both your lifestyle needs and design visions. Combining stock and custom cabinetry provides the perfect balance of affordability and personalization. And finding an authorized dealer you can trust helps you navigate the options seamlessly.

While making a significant investment in your home, KraftMaid cabinets will pay dividends for years down the road in enhanced functionality, visual appeal, and even resale value for many owners. With proper care, these cabinets can serve your family beautifully for decades.

KraftMaid cabinets represent the ideal blend of beauty, quality, and innovation. For homeowners who appreciate fine craftsmanship and clever storage, these cabinets are likely well worth the cost. By following the guidance above, you can be confident your next KraftMaid kitchen or bath project hits that sweet spot between splurge-worthy luxury and smart budget.

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