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IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Reviews, Prices, and Tips

IKEA kitchen cabinets are a popular choice for many homeowners looking to remodel or upgrade their kitchen on a budget. With a wide selection of styles, colors, and storage options available at affordable prices, IKEA cabinets offer quality and value. However, with so many choices, it can be overwhelming to select the right cabinets for your needs. This comprehensive guide provides unbiased IKEA kitchen cabinet reviews, price comparisons, and insider tips to help you make the best decision for your kitchen remodel.

An Introduction to IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

IKEA first launched its kitchen cabinet line in Europe over 60 years ago. After gaining immense popularity there, IKEA brought its cabinetry to the United States in the 1990s. Since then, the Swedish retailer has become one of the leading suppliers of ready-to-assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets in the country.

IKEA kitchen cabinets come in three main product lines:

  • SEKTION – The standard IKEA cabinet line made of particleboard with various fronts and finishes. Offered at the lowest prices.
  • AKURUM – A more modern, stylish line made of wood and featuring solid wood doors. Costs more than SEKTION.
  • METOD – A recent addition made with wood frame cabinet boxes for increased durability. The most expensive IKEA cabinet choice.

Within these lines are various styles, from shaker to high gloss, as well as storage options like drawers, roll-out trays, pull-out pantries, and more. IKEA also sells matching cabinets for laundry rooms, mudrooms, bathrooms, and other living spaces.

While affordable, IKEA kitchen cabinets offer decent quality from engineered wood materials and simple hardware. However, some compromises exist between IKEA cabinets and premium cabinet brands.

The main pros of IKEA kitchen cabinets include:

  • Low prices, starting around $100 per cabinet
  • Wide range of sizes, finishes, and configurations
  • Many organizing and storage options
  • Easy for DIY installation

The main cons to consider are:

  • Made from particleboard, not hardwoods
  • Limited warranty periods
  • Inconsistent availability for certain items
  • Can require lengthy assembly

But for many homeowners on a tight budget, the pros outweigh the cons. Keep reading for an in-depth look at how IKEA kitchen cabinets perform in real world remodels.

IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Reviews From Real Owners

Here are candid reviews from homeowners who have used IKEA kitchen cabinets in their remodels, providing real-world feedback on the quality, value, and performance of these budget-friendly cabinets.

Positive IKEA Cabinet Reviews

Homeowners who had positive experiences with their IKEA kitchen cabinets highlighted several benefits:

Affordability for a Complete Kitchen

“I got my entire kitchen cabinets from IKEA for less than $3500, which felt unreal. For a small galley kitchen, I was able to get cabinets, doors, drawer fronts, handles, and everything needed for a full remodel at the lowest price by far.”

Ease of Self-Installation

“The IKEA kitchen cabinets were shockingly easy to put together. Each frame has pre-drilled holes and the hardware is super simple to join pieces together. I wasn’t experienced with construction at all but managed to install my IKEA cabinets solo over a long weekend.”

Quality and Durability

“We used the SEKTION line in our kitchen remodel 5 years ago and have been pleasantly surprised at how well they’ve held up. Despite having two young kids who aren’t always gentle, the cabinets have maintained structural integrity and function.”

“I like that IKEA cabinets are solid wood frames and not particleboard. The doors get nicked over time but the cabinets themselves are durable.”

Adequate Storage Options

“Even though IKEA doesn’t offer custom sizing, the range of widths and depths provided enough options to design an efficient kitchen layout with all the storage we needed.”

“I love the pull-out pantries, corner lazy susans, and adjustable shelves that IKEA offers. They made the kitchen way more functional than our old basic cabinets.”

Attractive Styles and Finishes

“We used IKEA’s grey shaker style doors and added brushed gold handles. For a fraction of the price of custom cabinets, I was able to get the beautiful modern farmhouse kitchen of my dreams!”

Negative IKEA Cabinet Reviews

On the other hand, some homeowners who opted for IKEA cabinets had less satisfactory experiences:

Damage During Shipping and Handling

“My IKEA cabinets arrived with a few dents, scratches and chips that I noticed too late after installing them. Be sure to thoroughly inspect each piece before putting cabinets together.”

Flimsy Drawer and Door Fronts

“The drawer fronts feel quite thin and flimsy. And two door fronts started warping slightly after the first year, even with climate control.”

Frequent Availability Issues

“It took me several weeks to get all the pieces I needed for my kitchen because IKEA was always out of stock of certain items, which really slowed my remodel timeline.”

Tedious Assembly Process

“Putting together IKEA cabinets is not hard but it is painfully time consuming. You have to build every single drawer and shelf too. I spent over 24 frustrating hours assembling cabinets that arrived in flat packs.”

Overall, IKEA kitchen cabinets provide decent quality and excellent value for budget-conscious homeowners who don’t mind the assembly process. Expect to compromise somewhat on aesthetic details and constructions versus premium cabinetry.

IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Costs and Prices

One of the biggest appeals of IKEA kitchen cabinets is the low pricing compared to custom or semi-custom cabinets. Here is a breakdown of average IKEA kitchen cabinet costs:

  • Base cabinets – $100-300 per linear foot
  • Wall cabinets – $80-200 per linear foot
  • Drawers – $50-150 per drawer
  • Cabinet doors – $20-60 per door
  • Filler pieces – $20-50 per linear foot
  • Cabinet hardware – $2-10 per handle or knob

This leads to estimated total costs of:

  • IKEA SEKTION cabinets – $120-350 per linear foot installed
  • IKEA AKURUM cabinets – $150-400 per linear foot installed
  • IKEA METOD cabinets – $200-500 per linear foot installed

So for a 10×10 kitchen, you can expect to pay between $3,500 and $10,000+ for IKEA kitchen cabinets. The exact cost depends on which product line you choose, door style, and extras like drawers and organizational additions.

IKEA cabinet prices stay low for two main reasons:

  • IKEA manufactures and sources cabinet components directly.
  • IKEA cabinets ship as flat packs for customer assembly.

But the reasonable prices come at the cost of customization – IKEA does not offer made-to-order cabinet sizes or modifications. You have to work within their standard cabinet dimensions and configurations.

On the plus side, IKEA frequently offers specials like 20% off kitchen cabinets and kitchen sales to help you save even more on upgrading with IKEA cabinetry. Their affordable prices and promotions make IKEA cabinets worth considering for homeowners on a tight budget.

Tips for Buying IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

Ready to purchase IKEA kitchen cabinets? Use these tips for picking the right IKEA cabinets and planning your kitchen project.

Carefully Measure Your Kitchen

Grab a tape measure and measure every dimension of your kitchen. Mark down the exact lengths of each wall to find how much cabinetry you need. Note any awkward spaces or obstructions requiring specialty cabinet sizes.

Measuring precisely prevents surprises or mismatches once you start installing IKEA cabinets. Map out your kitchen on the IKEA planning tool using your measurements.

Select Cabinet Framework

Choose between IKEA’s cabinet box options: SEKTION, AKURUM, and METOD. SEKTION is the most affordable frame made from particleboard, while METOD offers the most durable wood cabinet boxes.

Consider your budget, kitchen size, and quality needs when selecting IKEA kitchen cabinet framework. Large or busy kitchens may benefit from upgrading to METOD.

Pick Door Styles and Finishes

IKEA provides hundreds of door styles from traditional shaker to sleek high gloss. Browse the options online or in store and order color swatches to view finishes in your home’s lighting.

Consider the look you want (modern, traditional, cottage) and your kitchen’s tone (light, dark, colorful). White cabinetry makes small kitchens feel open and airy.

Choose Interior Organizational Options

Maximize kitchen storage and functionality with IKEA’s specialty organizational pieces like:

  • Adjustable shelves
  • Sliding drawers
  • Pull-out pantries
  • Lazy susans
  • Carousels
  • Cutlery inserts
  • Spice racks

Add interior fittings based on what you intend to store in each cabinet and drawer.

Order Filler Pieces

Since IKEA cabinets come in set widths, you will likely need filler panels to cover gaps between cabinets and walls. Carefully calculate how many filler strips you need when ordering.

Tip: Order 2-3 extra filler pieces for wiggle room during installation.

Plan for Delivery and Assembly

Order IKEA cabinets well in advance since popular styles sell out quickly. Schedule delivery when you will be home for inspection and garage/driveway access.

Allot ample time for assembly – it will take 10+ hours for a full kitchen’s worth of cabinets. You can pay IKEA installers but costs add up quickly. If going the DIY route, recruit help from handy family or friends.

Consider Hiring a Contractor

While IKEA cabinets can be DIY installed, using a contractor experienced with putting together IKEA cabinetry can:

  • Save you time and frustration with assembly
  • Provide an expert eye for planning the layout
  • Ensure proper installation and reinforcement
  • Finish kitchen remodel details like trim, lighting, and backsplash

Hiring a contractor starts around $50/hour. Weigh the DIY cost savings versus time demands.


With an unmatched combination of affordability, flexibility, and style, IKEA kitchen cabinets give homeowners a budget-friendly way to refresh their kitchen. Just be ready to put in some elbow grease for assembly.

Use this guide’s tips to select the right IKEA cabinets for your needs. Plan carefully, measure precisely, and utilize organizational add-ons. With realistic expectations about quality and effort, you can enjoy a beautiful new IKEA kitchen on a wallet-friendly budget.

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