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Hampton Bay Cabinets Review – Price – Tips


Hampton Bay cabinets are one of the most popular options for affordable and stylish kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Offered exclusively through Home Depot, Hampton Bay has become a leader in providing value-priced cabinets in a wide range of styles and configurations.

With origins dating back to 1991, Hampton Bay has grown from just a limited offering of stock cabinets to a comprehensive cabinet brand with several highly customizable lines. They provide homeowners, builders and remodelers with everything from basic cabinets for small projects to full-featured cabinetry for whole home needs.

What makes Hampton Bay a go-to cabinet choice for so many? They offer a few key advantages:

Variety of styles – From classic Shaker to sleek modern, Hampton Bay has all cabinet door styles covered. Their selection makes it easy to find just the right look you’re going for.

Affordable pricing – Prices far below custom cabinet brands and competitive with other home improvement store brands. Frequent sales help keep costs down.

Convenience of Home Depot – One stop shopping for cabinets, countertops, floors and everything else you need for your kitchen or bath remodel.

Quick delivery – Stock items available quickly. Custom pieces generally ready in 2-3 week timeframe.

Coordinating accessories – All the hardware, molding and storage accessories needed to complete your cabinetry in matching styles.

Hampton Bay continues to expand its catalog of offerings, styles and organizational solutions. With some careful selection and proper installation, they provide an attractive, affordable and convenient cabinetry option worth considering for your next remodeling project. We’ll highlight the benefits, considerations and best practices of using Hampton Bay cabinets throughout this guide.

Hampton Bay Cabinet Styles

Shaker Style

The simplicity of the Shaker style cabinet has made it today’s most popular cabinet door style. Characterized by a smooth recessed center panel and four flat corners around the perimeter, the clean lines provide a timeless and versatile look. Hampton Bay offers the Shaker style across multiple product lines in a range of painted, stained and thermofoil finishes.

Slab Style

For a very modern and minimalist aesthetic, the slab cabinet style offers flat, plain cabinet fronts with no recesses or indentations. The lack of handle hardware enhances the streamlined look. The Hampton Bay Euro Slab series comes in a range of solid colors and woodgrain thermofoil finishes.

Raised Panel

This classic door style features a central raised panel with framing around the perimeter. The dimensional look provides elegant detailing and works great for formal, ornate kitchens. Hampton Bay’s raised panel offerings include both painted and stained finishes.


Beadboard cabinetry adds charming cottage character through the distinctive rows of vertical grooves across the doors and drawer fronts. Hampton Bay’s beadboard cabinets come in a range of pastel painted colors.


For easy cleaning and durability, Hampton Bay offers doors constructed with a vinyl thermofoil laminate finish. The seamless wrapping resists moisture, warping and chipping. Available in solid whites plus woodgrain options.

Arch Top

Certain Hampton Bay collections feature drawer fronts with graceful arched tops. Paired with decorative reeded fronts, the arched drawers provide unique styling and visual interest.

Hampton Bay continues expanding its door style offerings. More detailed profiles, utilization of mixed door styles and unique finish options help their cabinets appeal to a wide range of homeowners’ preferences and design aesthetics.

Quality and Construction

As a value-priced cabinet line, Hampton Bay uses reliable but affordable materials and manufacturing methods.

Wood Materials

The majority of Hampton Bay cabinets utilize engineered wood products for the boxes and interior parts. This includes particle board, MDF and plywood. Solid hardwoods are reserved for framing on certain door styles and drawer fronts at the higher end.


Thermofoil, vinyl wraps, melamine and veneers provide durable and attractive exteriors. Higher-end lines may feature full-wood doors and drawer fronts. Painted finishes are also popular for a built-in color that hides wear.


Assembly is done with staples, screws, glue and CNC machining. Dovetail joinery only comes into play on certain high-end Hampton Bay lines. Drawers primarily use economical wire supports.


Hinges, pulls and other hardware are mid-to-low grade. Many home owners replace hardware down the road for enhanced aesthetics and function.


Most cabinet lines are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The top Diamond line warrants cabinets for as long as you own your home.

While not at the pinnacle of quality, Hampton Bay cabinets provide good durability and functionality given their affordable price point. Following the tips provided in this guide will allow you to get great performance from your Hampton Bay cabinetry.

Hampton Bay Product Lines

Hampton Bay has cabinet options suitable for everything from a small bathroom vanity to an elaborate gourmet kitchen.

Hampton Stock Cabinets

The most affordable ready-to-assemble cabinets start at under $100. Offered in a handful of sizes and configurations with limited modification possibilities. Best suited for small or simple installs.

Hampton PrimeStyle

Mid-range semi-custom line with wider size offerings and layout flexibility. Shaker style doors available in multiple colors. Great mix of quality, customization and value.

Hampton Designer Series

Fully customized cabinets with maximum size, finish and accessory options. Features pull-out trays, spice racks, tray dividers and other high-end add-ons.

Hampton Decorative Cabinets

Unique cabinet collections offering cottage, vintage, or contemporary styled doors for whole home cohesiveness. Beadboard, metal accents, arch tops and more.

Diamond Cabinetry

Hampton Bay’s premium cabinet line. Completely customized with unique finishes like crackled paint, glaze, distressing and rubber stamped textures. Lifetime warranty.

Hampton Bay Bath Cabinets

Full assortment of bathroom vanities, medicine cabinets and storage cabinets. Offered in widths from 12” to 72”. Tile-top, solid surface and natural stone countertop options.

Hampton Bay is sure to have cabinetry lines suitable for small upgrades, full remodels and anything in between. Carefully reviewing the various collections will reveal which is best suited for your particular kitchen or bath project.

Pros of Hampton Bay Cabinets

Affordable Pricing

The most obvious advantage of Hampton Bay cabinets is their value pricing. By utilizing cost-effective materials and construction methods, they can offer cabinets at price points far below custom cabinetry. Frequent sales and promotions also help keep costs down.

Quick Delivery

Hampton Bay prides itself on quick turnaround times, with many in-stock cabinets available for same or next day pickup. Even customized cabinets average just 2-3 weeks from order to delivery. Great for urgent remodels.

Excellent Variety

With several cabinet lines offering multiple door profiles in a range of color and finish options, Hampton Bay provides loads of style flexibility. You’re sure to find a look you love.

Coordinated Accessories

From panels to moldings to hardware, Hampton Bay offers all the coordinating trim pieces and accessories to provide a cohesive finished look. Convenient one-stop shopping.

CARB Compliant

Their cabinets meet the strict formaldehyde emissions limits set forth by the California Air Resources Board, so you can install with confidence.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With a limited lifetime warranty on most cabinet lines, you’re covered in case any defects arise after installation and use.

For those on a tight timeline or budget, Hampton Bay cabinets offer a great combination of affordability, style and convenience that makes them a go-to choice for many homeowners and contractors.

Potential Cons to Consider

Particle Board Construction

The use of particle board instead of plywood for the cabinet boxes makes them more susceptible to sagging, warping or crumbling over time. Proper installation is key to minimizing issues.

Prone to Damage

Review of online customer feedback reveals many complaints about scratches, dents, chips or misaligned doors arriving on new Hampton Bay cabinets. Thorough inspection before install is advised.

Limitations of Stock Cabinets

The Hampton Stock ready-to-assemble cabinets only come in fixed widths, heights and depths. If your kitchen layout requires any custom sizing, the stock cabinets will prove very limiting.

Inconsistent Quality

With different lines sourced from various manufacturers, quality levels can be inconsistent. The premium Diamond line enjoys far better reviews than lower priced models.

Mid-Grade Hardware

Cabinet hinges, glides and pulls are prone to loosening or breaking over time. Many homeowners replace hardware for enhanced function and aesthetics down the road.

High Shipping Costs

Large cabinet orders can cost over $1000 just for delivery and are prone to arriving damaged without adequate packaging. Be sure to thoroughly inspect.

While Hampton Bay offers outstanding value for the money, there are some drawbacks to the quality and construction that become apparent over years of use. Going in with realistic expectations helps ensure a positive experience.

Hampton Bay Cabinets Pricing

As an economy to mid-priced brand, Hampton Bay cabinet prices are quite affordable compared to custom or semi-custom cabinetry. Here is an overview of what to expect:

Hampton Stock Cabinets

The ready-to-assemble stock cabinets range from $80 – $250 per cabinet. Average full kitchen around $2,000. Best for small projects.

Hampton Primestyle Cabinets

Mid-range offerings priced from $150 – $650 per cabinet. Full kitchen install averages $3,000 – $8,000. Great bang for your buck.

Hampton Designer Cabinets

Fully customized with high end options. Per cabinet cost ranges from $350 – $1000. Expect to pay $8,000 – $15,000+ for a full designer kitchen.

Hampton Diamond Cabinets

The highest end line with unique finishes and lifetime warranty. $500 – $1,200+ per cabinet. Full kitchen over $15,000 easily.

Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom vanities span $200 – $1000 depending on size, features and counters. Medicine cabinets roughly $250 – $700.

Finish Upgrades

Optional paint finishes, glazes and distressing upgrades add $100 – $300 per cabinet approximately.

Frequent sales can provide 10-25% off or more on full cabinet orders. Home Depot also offers flexible financing options for major remodels.

Tips for Choosing Hampton Bay Cabinets

Follow these tips to select the best Hampton Bay cabinets for your kitchen or bath:

Measure Carefully

  • Take detailed measurements of your space and map out your layout.
  • Standard cabinet widths are 12”, 15”, 18”, 21”, 24”, 30” and 36”. Plan accordingly.
  • Measure existing appliances and fixtures to ensure proper fit.

Pick a Durable Finish

  • White, gray and tan painted finishes hide wear best.
  • Wood stains show damage easiest. Opt for darker colors like espresso or ebony.
  • Full wrapped thermofoil doors resist chipping and wear for busy kitchens.

Know Quality Differences

  • Stock cabinets have fixed sizes and limited features. Avoid for complex layouts.
  • PrimeStyle offers most flexible configurations and adjustable shelves/drawers.
  • Designer series best for gourmet kitchens with roll-outs and organizational must-haves.

Set A Realistic Budget

  • Measure your space and create an itemized budget including all cabinets, fixtures, countertops, flooring and hardware.
  • Get quotes from installers prior to purchase. Ask about any extra costs for challenging layouts.
  • Leave 10-15% wiggle room for unexpected expenses or upgrades.

Installation Tips

Proper installation is crucial to getting long lasting durability and function from your Hampton Bay cabinets.

Find an Experienced Installer

Look for an installer familiar with assembling and hanging Hampton Bay cabinets. Get references from previous jobs. Ensure they have proper insurance.

Insist on Proper Wall Prep

Walls must be moisture free, clean and as close to perfectly plumb and level as possible. Any out of square issues will get amplified once cabinets are hung. Pay extra attention near appliances, windows and doorways.

Check for Defects Before Install

Thoroughly examine each cabinet box and door prior to installation. Look for damage, defective hinges and improper fit. Assembly mistakes are much harder to fix after install.

Allow Adequate Install Time

Rushing the installation risks damaging cabinets through improper handling, insecure hanging or misalignment. The assembly and install of a full kitchen can take 3-5 days or more. Building in this adequate time will result in the best final product.

Caring for Hampton Bay Cabinets

With proper care, you can keep your Hampton Bay cabinets looking like new for years. Here are some top care tips:

  • Use a microfiber cloth and mild soap and water to gently clean doors as needed. Avoid harsh cleaners or scouring pads.
  • Touch up any nicks, scratches or other surface damage quickly using Hampton Bay touch up kits.
  • Limit exposure to direct sunlight which can damage finishes over time. Utilize window treatments in sunny rooms.
  • Install under cabinet lighting to reduce opening and closing of doors to locate items. The less wear and tear the better.
  • Tighten any loosening hinges or knobs. Lubricate drawer glides with a dry silicone spray if they start to stick.
  • Consider adding child locks if needed to reduce little ones swinging on doors or overloading drawers.

Hampton Bay Cabinet FAQs

Are Hampton Bay cabinets made of solid wood?

No, Hampton Bay uses engineered wood products like particle board and MDF with veneers for cabinet boxes. Solid hardwoods are only used for some door styles and drawer fronts at higher price points.

Where are Hampton Bay cabinets manufactured?

Hampton Bay sources their cabinets from a variety of manufacturers in Asia and North America. They do not actually manufacture anything themselves.

Do Hampton Bay cabinets come assembled?

Hampton Bay stock cabinets come fully assembled. Higher end semi-custom and custom cabinets will arrive ready for assembly and installation. The doors, drawers and hardware are typically detached for safe shipping.

What is the most popular style of Hampton Bay cabinets?

The Shaker style cabinet is the best selling cabinet door type for Hampton Bay. It is versatile for both contemporary and classic kitchen designs and available across all product lines.

What colors do Hampton Bay cabinets come in?

Stock Hampton Bay cabinets come in a limited color selection of white, light gray and wood tones. The custom Designer and Diamond lines offer over 40 cabinet finish colors and stain options.

Hampton Bay Cabinets Review

Here are 15 hypothetical Hampton Bay cabinet reviews:

  1. “I love the shaker style cabinets I got from Hampton Bay. They look really high end but didn’t break the bank. No issues so far after I hired a reputable installer.” – Jennifer S.
  2. “Bought the stock cabinets for a rental property kitchen. Painting them myself. Decent quality for the price but nothing amazing.” – Mark T.
  3. “I’ve had my Hampton Bay cabinets for 3 years now and am starting to see the limitations of particle board. Some doors are warping and paint is chipping.” – Karen D.
  4. “Wanted to replace our outdated 90s kitchen but not spend a fortune. With some new hardware and countertops, the Hampton Bay cabinets still made the kitchen feel bright and fresh.” – James A.
  5. “My designer recommended the Diamond line for my large kitchen remodel. I was skeptical at first but the quality and custom options are amazing. Worth every penny.” – Emily R.
  6. “We got so many compliments on our kitchen remodel with the white shaker style Hampton Bay cabinets. You’d never know they didn’t cost a fortune.” – Sara B.
  7. “I don’t recommend the stock cabinets. Limited sizes made designing my kitchen layout very difficult and resulted in wasted space.” – David S.
  8. “Overall good value but I do wish I had upgraded the hardware on my Hampton Bay cabinets. The hinges are already loosening after a year.” – Amy L.
  9. “Shipping damage on multiple cabinets was a headache. Make sure to unbox and thoroughly inspect each one prior to permanent install.” – Thomas C.
  10. “Used the Primestyle line for our condo. Affordable but still good quality with soft-close drawers and adjustable shelves. No complaints.” – Jessica P.
  11. “Bought unfinished Hampton Bay cabinets to paint and customize myself. Allowed me to get the coastal blue color I wanted for much less.” – Andrew G.
  12. “For basic bathroom vanities, the Hampton Bay cabinets worked great. Just make sure your contractor properly installs and seals them to avoid any moisture damage issues.” – Mark H.
  13. “Needed a quick and affordable option for flipping a house. Hampton Bay stock cabinets weren’t fancy but did the job on a budget and timeline.” – Sara W.
  14. “Don’t expect top notch quality but the variety of styles and price points can’t be beat. You can really customize the look on a budget.” – Chris D.
  15. “I highly recommend the Designer series for anyone wanting quality cabinets with all the bells and whistles. So many organizational features that make my kitchen incredible.” – Julie R.


Hampton Bay offers an excellent value for homeowners looking for an affordable kitchen cabinet option. With a wide variety of styles and price points to choose from, they can work well for all kinds of remodeling budgets and projects. Just be sure to carefully plan your layout, choose durable finishes and hardware, and properly install and care for your Hampton Bay cabinets to get the most out of your investment over the long haul.

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