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Lily Ann Cabinets: A Comprehensive Guide to Reviews, Pricing, and Tips

Lily Ann cabinets are a popular brand of cabinetry known for their quality craftsmanship and stylish designs. With a wide selection of cabinet styles, finishes, and accessories to choose from, Lily Ann offers solutions for kitchens, baths, home offices, laundry rooms and more. This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth look at Lily Ann cabinets including unbiased reviews from customers, pricing and cost considerations, helpful tips for selecting, installing and caring for Lily Ann cabinetry.

An Introduction to Lily Ann Cabinets

Lily Ann Cabinetry was founded in 2004 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania by the Esbenshade family, who brought with them years of experience working with Amish craftsmen. The company focuses on using quality materials and old-world techniques to construct durable, stylish cabinets tailored to each customer’s needs. Lily Ann ships cabinets nationwide and has impressive ratings across review sites.

Some key facts about Lily Ann Cabinetry:

  • Specializes in custom, semi-custom and stock cabinetry for kitchens, baths, laundry rooms, home offices and more
  • Constructed from wood species like maple, cherry, oak, hickory and thermofoil
  • Hand-crafted using Amish craftsmanship techniques but with modern machinery
  • Made in the USA in Lancaster, PA and ships nationwide
  • Family-owned and operated, founded in 2004
  • Offers painted, glazed, and stained finishes in unlimited colors
  • Provides cabinets, accessories and organizational products for a cohesive look

Lily Ann is best suited for homeowners looking for beautiful, unique cabinets crafted to their specifications at reasonable prices. Keep reading this guide to learn more about reviews, pricing, tips and more when considering Lily Ann for your next cabinetry project.

Lily Ann Cabinets Reviews and Ratings

Lily Ann cabinets are generally well-reviewed across various third-party consumer sites. On some sites like Google and Houzz, they maintain an average rating between 4 and 5 stars out of 5. Common compliments in Lily Ann reviews praise their quality craftsmanship, wide array of customization options, and great customer service.

Let’s take a closer look at what real customers have to say in their Lily Ann cabinets reviews:

Positive Lily Ann Cabinet Reviews

Positive reviews for Lily Ann on third-party sites and directly from customers highlight some of their biggest strengths:

  • High-quality construction and materials: Reviewers say Lily Ann cabinets are sturdy and made from solid wood, with furniture-quality finishes. The dovetail drawer boxes are noted to be particularly well-made.
  • Extensive customization: With custom sizing, storage options, finishes, hardware and more, Lily Ann makes it easy to personalize cabinets. Customers feel they get semi-custom cabinets for stock cabinet prices.
  • Good value: The quality of Lily Ann’s cabinets relative to the cost receives positive mentions from many reviews. Customers feel they got the most styling and utility for their budget.
  • Helpful customer service: Many reviews compliment Lily Ann’s customer service team for being responsive, patient and able to turn around custom drawings quickly.
  • Quick turnaround times: Some reviewers mention receiving their Lily Ann cabinets weeks ahead of original time estimates. Their manufacturing process and Amish craftsmen produce cabinets rapidly.
  • Beautiful aesthetics: Customers love the styling of Lily Ann, highlighting the fine detailing, clean lines and custom finish options that look great in their homes.

Critical Lily Ann Cabinet Reviews

While most reviews of Lily Ann are overwhelmingly positive, there are some common downsides mentioned by customers, including:

  • Shipping damages: Some reviews reveal issues with damages to cabinets during shipping. This is common for any cabinet brand when being transported long distances.
  • Limitations of stock designs: Lily Ann’s stock cabinets only come in set configurations, which limits customization compared to true semi-custom lines.
  • Unprotected finishes: Critics mention occasional finishing flaws since Lily Ann does not use PVC on cabinets like some other brands.
  • Inconsistent stain colors: Since wood has natural variation, some reviewers indicate that stain colors weren’t always an exact match, especially for large projects.
  • Long lead times for custom: Custom Lily Ann cabinets take considerably longer (6-8 weeks) than their stock and semi-custom offerings. Plan well in advance.
  • High price: A few reviewers found the cost of Lily Ann cabinets to be greater than anticipated compared to other brands with similar offerings.

Lily Ann Cabinets Ratings on Review Sites

On third-party review sites, Lily Ann receives largely positive feedback, earning an average of 4-5 stars out of 5. Here are some examples:

  • Houzz – 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 30+ reviews
  • Better Business Bureau – A+ Rating with zero customer complaints over 3+ years
  • Google – 4.6 out of 5 stars from 200+ ratings
  • Amazon – No rating yet, limited reviews available

The consistent praise across numerous sites indicates most homeowners have an excellent experience working with Lily Ann Cabinetry. They deliver well-made customized cabinets that suit different design tastes and budgets.

Lily Ann Cabinets Pricing, Costs and Financing

The cost of Lily Ann cabinets depends on several factors, chiefly what line, materials, sizes, and finishes you choose. Customized options will also impact the price. Use the following pricing guide to better understand what to budget for Lily Ann cabinets.

Lily Ann Cabinet Lines and Prices

Lily Ann offers good, better and best cabinet lines to suit different needs and budgets.

  • Good: Premiere Series stock cabinets is their good line with oak substrates and thermofoil cases from $50/linear foot.
  • Better: The Signature Series is semi-custom with all plywood construction, more finishes, and custom sizing from $100/linear foot.
  • Best: Fully customized Specialty Series with exotic woods, commercial-grade hardware and limitless options from $200/linear foot.

Within these lines, door styles, wood types, and finishes will also affect cost per linear foot, along with any upgrades selected. Expect to pay at least $150 for upper cabinets and around $200 for base cabinets on average.

Additional Costs and Fees

When budgeting your Lily Ann cabinet installation, account for more than just the cabinets themselves:

  • Delivery fees average $150-$300 depending on distance.
  • Countertop material and fabrication will add a few thousand dollars or more.
  • Installation costs around $150/linear foot for professional fitting and assembly.
  • Modifications like additional storage, drawers or rollouts add incremental fees.
  • Tax and possible rush order fees may apply.

Most Lily Ann cabinet costs will fall between $5,000 – $15,000+ for an average 10×10 kitchen. Get a free quote for your unique kitchen layout.

Financing Options for Lily Ann Cabinets

Lily Ann Cabinetry offers financing solutions to help ease the expense of new custom cabinets through:

  • Lily Ann Credit Card – 0% APR for 12 months on purchases over $1500 when you apply and qualify.
  • Progressive Leasing – Lease-to-own payment structures from this third party company.
  • Lowes Project Loan – Extended financing up to 36 months available using their credit card.
  • Home Improvement Loans – Consider local bank and credit union lending options.
  • Refi Cash-Out – Use equity in your home via a refinance or cash-out loan.

Always compare rates and fees when choosing finance options to get the best terms for your budget.

Tips for Buying Lily Ann Cabinets

Follow these top tips when investing in new Lily Ann cabinets:

Measure Carefully

Lily Ann can work off room dimensions and layouts provided, but carefully check all measurements to ensure cabinets will fit your space properly. Include window and door locations and appliance cutouts.

Select Durable Finishes

Opt for longer-wearing thermofoil or painted finishes rather than stain if concerned about wear and tear over time. Add PVC coating for extra protection.

Define Your Style

Decide on door styles and finishes that complement your home’s existing design. Look through their kitchen photo galleries online or in catalogs to find inspiration.

Ask About Sales

Lily Ann runs select sales around holidays and seasonally, sometimes discounting customized cabinets. Ask ahead of time if any promotions will be available during your project timeline.

Bundle for Savings

You can sometimes save 10% or more when bundling cabinetry and countertops together versus buying separately.

Review Warranties

Make sure you understand any warranty coverage for defects, parts and finishes so you know what protection you’ll have after installing Lily Ann cabinets.

Doing adequate research ahead of time ensures you select the best Lily Ann cabinets for your needs and budget.

Installing Lily Ann Cabinets

Lily Ann Cabinetry provides high-quality cabinets made to order, but you’ll want to take care when installing them for optimal performance. Here are some top tips:

Work With a Pro

Have an experienced kitchen remodeling contractor or carpenter install your cabinets unless you have advanced DIY skills. They have the tools and knowledge needed.

Follow Instructions

Review Lily Ann’s cabinet installation guide for step-by-step directions or have your installer follow the included instructions carefully.

Check for Defects

Inspect all cabinets upon delivery. If any arrive damaged or defective immediately notify Lily Ann before beginning installation.

Allow Proper Acclimation

Let cabinets acclimate in your home 3-5 days before installing. This allows the wood to adjust to your home’s temperature and humidity.

Reinforce Walls

Ensure walls are reinforced, plumb, and able to bear the load of cabinetry prior to hanging. Address any issues first.

Use Levels and Lasers

A quality level and/or laser level tool helps keep cabinets aligned and prevent unevenness during hanging.

Secure Properly

Follow Lily Ann’s guides for securing cabinets. Improper installation can lead to loosening and instability down the road.

Apply Protective Caps

Use the provided corner caps and edging trim once cabinets are installed to prevent chipping and damage, especially base cabinets.

Following the proper installation steps ensures your Lily Ann cabinets maintain structural integrity and keep their beautiful appearance.

Caring for Lily Ann Cabinets

Lily Ann’s all-wood cabinetry looks gorgeous when first installed, but requires some simple care to keep cabinets looking pristine for years. Here are top maintenance tips:

Use Gentle Cleaners

Clean cabinets with mild soap and water or a gentle wood cleaner. Avoid harsh chemicals or bleach that can damage finishes.

Touch Up Flaws

Use Lily Ann’s touch up kits to quickly repair minor nicks, scratches or stains soon after occurring to avoid bigger issues.

Check for Moisture

Promptly wipe up spills, leaks and condensation to minimize chance of swelling or mold developing in wood cabinets.

Consider PVC Strips

Adding clear PVC edge banding from companies like Cabinet Guard helps protect vulnerable cabinet edges and corners from chips and moisture.

Tighten Hinges

Do a periodic check that all hinge screws remain tightly fastened so doors hang straight and align properly.

Wax and Polish

Apply paste wax or a wood polish 1-2 times per year to renew and protect surfaces, especially cabinets near cooking zones.

Adjust Doors

Loosen and realign any cabinet doors that become misaligned over time due to house settling.

Update Hardware

Freshen up your kitchen by swapping out hardware for new knobs and pulls available from Lily Ann.

With the right care, Lily Ann’s cabinets can stay beautiful and functional for a minimum of 20 years. Be diligent about cleaning and maintenance.

FAQs About Lily Ann Cabinets

What kinds of wood do Lily Ann cabinets use?

Lily Ann constructs cabinet boxes and frames using plywood, oak, maple, hickory, cherry, and thermofoil materials. Their custom shop can also source more exotic woods.

Do Lily Ann cabinets come assembled?

Stock cabinets ship fully constructed but may require some minor attachment of doors, drawers or hardware. Custom cabinets ship disassembled and require professional installation.

What are common Lily Ann door styles?

They offer versatile door styles like slab, shaker, raised panel, inset, beaded inset, urban flat and more. Custom doors are also an option.

Where are Lily Ann cabinets manufactured?

Lily Ann cabinets are proudly made in America at their factory headquarters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Their Amish craftsmen take great care constructing each cabinet.

Does Lily Ann sell discount cabinets?

Some budget-friendly options include their Premier stock cabinets, special savings on discontinued styles, and seasonal promotions done throughout the year.

Are Lily Ann cabinets considered high-end?

Their higher tier custom Specialty line competes with other luxury brands, but their Signature and Premier lines offer quality cabinets at moderate price points.

How long is the Lily Ann cabinet warranty?

Lily Ann provides a limited lifetime warranty on cabinet construction and 2 years coverage for any hardware components included.

Do Lily Ann cabinets come pre-assembled?

Stock cabinets ship fully constructed but may require some minor attachment of doors, drawers or hardware. Custom cabinets ship disassembled and require professional installation.

How long do Lily Ann cabinets take to arrive?

Lily Ann offers faster lead times than many competitors. Stock cabinets ship within 2 weeks. Semi-custom is 4-6 weeks. Fully custom cabinetry takes 6-8 weeks on average.

Does Lily Ann sell cabinet hardware?

Yes, Lily Ann has a wide selection of knobs, pulls, hinges and functional cabinet hardware in various designs users can purchase to complement their cabinet selection.


Lily Ann Cabinetry makes for an excellent choice for homeowners seeking quality, customized cabinets without typical ultra-high end designer prices. Their range of kitchen, bath and other cabinetry suit budgets from moderate to luxury. Plus, their stellar reputation for craftsmanship and customer service ensures an outstanding experience from design to post-sale support.

Use this comprehensive guide to feel confident evaluating Lily Ann cabinets vs other brands. Check their website and catalogs to view the breadth of styles offered and request quotes on sample kitchen projects. And reference the reviews, cost information, installation tips and FAQs provided above to make informed decisions when upgrading your home with beautiful Lily Ann cabinetry.

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